Avast! We Be Clocking Out Fer the Day #TalkLikeAPirateDay

Sorry folks, the duration of the blog post will be in plain English. But here’s our favorite pirate tweet of the day.

Delegates for Chicago teachers vote in favor of a new contract.

How one Philadelphia woman got her voter ID.

The thing about not having much money is you have to take much more responsibility for your life.”

Obama tops Romney in new poll of small business owners.

Mitt Romney’s class warfare.

Why does sneering at public servants come so naturally to some of the wealthiest Americans?

Romney’s secret video comments show the hollowness of “trickle down” economic theory.

Let’s not ignore Social Security in this election–it works and we need to strengthen it.

Why politicians say dumb things to rich people.

Speaking of rich people: an appeals court says that dark-money nonprofits can spend on politics without disclosure.

Finally: How are Maggie Gyllenhall, Viola Davis, and Josh Groban helping the right-wing group ALEC?