Pennsylvania Voter ID Law Partially Blocked: Here’s What That Means for You

Judge Robert Simpson has offered a partial – a partial – injunction of Pennsylvania’s voter ID law.

The law, which was estimated to keep as many as 750,000 Pennsylvanians from casting a vote this year, is not finished. But it will not be fully enforced on November 6th.

As Keegan Gibson writes in of, Judge Simpson “extended the ‘trial run’ period of the law, initially intended for the 2012 primary election, all the way through the general.”

What does this mean for you? Election workers can still ask to see ID, but ID or not, if you are a registered voter, your vote will count.

However: We strongly recommend, as best you are able, to obtain the ID required under the law. Details of what is required found here.

Here are two reasons why obtaining voter ID is still a good idea:

1.) Even though the election is only 35 days away, we fully expect Gov. Corbett’s administration to appeal the case to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, which can happen as early as October 15. Would it be irresponsible to reverse Judge Simpson and declare the voter ID law “back on” so close to the election? Yes, but that doesn’t mean they won’t do it.

2.) As things currently stand, the voter ID law will be in effect for future Pennsylvania elections. Judge Simpson’s decision allows the state to continue rolling out the law and educating around it. Unless a future legislature passes a repeal of the law, and Gov. Corbett (or his successor?) signs it, or unless the PA Supreme Court reverses their earlier decision and declares the law fully unconstitutional, we’re stuck with Act 18 for 2014 and beyond. We want all of your voices to be heard in those elections.

All of this aside, we still have an election to win! Sign up for our PA voter text message alerts here or text VOTEPA to 30644. If you want to get involved on the ground in Pennsylvania, call Liz Laycak at our Pittsburgh office at 412-456-2985 or email [email protected].