His Name is Scott, He Drives a Truck, and He’s Voting for Elizabeth Warren

Meet Scott, a tall, handsome Massachusetts resident who drives a pick-up truck. I’m not talking about Scott Brown; I’m talking about Scott Johnson. Scott Johnson is a volunteer with Working America Quincy’s campaign to help Elizabeth Warren – Scott Brown’s opponent – win the US Senate seat in Massachusetts.

In my first conversation with Scott Johnson, he explained to me that he wants someone in office who will represent us. As he stated, that means someone who shares our values. Scott Brown may resemble Scott Johnson, but Elizabeth Warren will represent Scott Johnson. That’s why Scott Johnson is dedicating time, thought, and energy to giving Elizabeth Warren the opportunity to serve as our next US Senator.

(As for Scott Brown, it’s pretty clear who he is representing.)

Scott Johnson is well-aware that the decisions our politicians make can affect us tremendously. It’s clear to him that we’ve got to elect the people who make decisions with working families in mind. Scott explained in submissions to the Quincy Patriot Ledger last week:

I work in construction, and I’ve been searching for steady work since 2008. Whenever a job ends, my coworkers and I always feel like it will be a struggle to find another one. One of my friends moved to Maine and wants me to move up there for a job. I am now forced to choose between my home and basic financial stability.

President Obama’s American Jobs Act would have invested in infrastructure and education, and would have provided work for workers like me. It was a missed opportunity. US Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren has another jobs plan: one we can’t afford to miss. Her Rebuild Now Plan would put people back to work fixing our infrastructure and our schools. I’m supporting her, because she fights for us, and I encourage readers to support her too.

Scott’s letter highlights what so many folks in Quincy have told me: “Elizabeth Warren fights for the middle class / the working class / the little guy / us.” Elizabeth Warren’s Rebuild Now jobs plan will create many thousands of needed family-sustaining job opportunities for residents of the Commonwealth, while equipping Massachusetts with the infrastructure it needs to compete and thrive. Scott Brown’s image-based campaign can’t hold a candle to Elizabeth Warren’s vision and track record as a dedicated fighter for working families. In fact, the more that Working America organizers and volunteers talk to folks about Brown’s and Warren’s records and plans on the issues that matter to them (like family-sustaining jobs, corporate accountability, and education), the more folks support Elizabeth Warren.

With dedicated volunteers like Scott Johnson working to bring voters the information they’re hungry for, I’m looking forward to watching Elizabeth Warren keep on rising in the polls.

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