Endorsement: Ed Perlmutter (CO-7) and Joe Miklosi (CO-6) for U.S. Congress

Two critical House races are taking place in neighboring districts around Denver. In the 6th district, centering on Aurora and the southeastern suburbs, Rep. Mike Coffman is being challenged by state legislator Joe Miklosi. And in the 7th district, to the north and west of Denver, Rep. Ed Perlmutter is facing off against wealthy former CEO Joe Coors.

Perlmutter has been a strong ally for working people during his time in Congress. He has put his efforts behind creating jobs, expanding access to health care and protecting the guarantee of Social Security and Medicare. He voted against Paul Ryan’s budget, which would have cost tens of thousands of Colorado jobs, and which the AARP said would “raise costs and lower benefits” for seniors on Medicare. He’s somebody who has earned our trust. Joe Coors, however, has promised to support Paul Ryan’s plans and continue tax policies that encourage businesses to move jobs overseas. He’d be one of the richest members of Congress if elected and supports tax policies that give millionaires like him huge tax breaks.

Coffman’s voting record is squarely opposed to Perlmutter’s. He voted for the Paul Ryan budget that privatizes Medicare. And he voted for a bill that would have extended tax cuts on the richest 2 percent while ending tax cuts that benefits middle-class families. Coffman has also made some radical statements that are out of step with voters in this district, including calling President Obama “just not an American.” Coffman’s opponent, Joe Miklosi, will better represent voters in this district. His priorities are best expressed by his vote in the state legislature for the Hire Colorado Act, a bill to give incentives for companies to hire locally, and his efforts on the Audit Committee to root out waste so that the state could balance its budget without cuts to schools. Those are the kind of values the 6th district needs in Washington.

Rep. Perlmutter has made the right choices and stands with working people in the 7th district. He deserves a trip back to Washington—and his neighbors in the 6th district should bring Rep. Coffman home and send Joe Miklosi to replace him. Plan your vote now.

Photo of Ed Perlmutter by Realtor Action Center on Flicker. Photo of Joe Miklosi by Joe Miklosi on Facebook

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