Final Countdown: Clocking Out

Tomorrow will test whether Mitt Romney can win as a “post-truth” candidate.

Ohio’s Jon Husted is just not a very big fan of voting.

Tea Party groups’ voter challenges could hurt eligible voters in Florida.

The right to vote is the building block of democracy.

After tomorrow, let’s never put up with Republican voter suppression again.

81% of campaign “dark money” is going to help elect Republicans.

The Koch brothers’ investment in buying election 2012, in charts.

Big money is getting funneled into California to support a sneaky attack on unions.

Myths and millionaires: here’s one businessman who doesn’t buy Romney’s pitch.

More companies pressuring their workers to vote for Romney.

A Florida CEO threatens layoffs if Romney loses.

This election is really-really-really important–and Obama has earned another term.

Song for the day:

Go vote tomorrow!