First, Thank You

We had some incredible victories last night – for the country and for our organization in particular. So many of the candidates we advocated for will, come January, get to work in Washington, DC and in state capitols across the nation on an agenda that works for working families – not just for corporations and very wealthy.

Tomorrow we’ll be looking at some of the new faces we’ll be seeing in the U.S. Senate, the U.S. House of Representatives, and state legislatures from Salem, Oregon to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and everywhere in between. We’ll also acknowledge some tough losses we saw on the ballot, and what those mean going forward.

Furthermore, we’ll be looking at some next steps. Washington will soon reconvene to address the most consequential “lame duck” agenda in years: dealing with the future of the Bush tax cuts for the 2 percent. And yes, we will be asking you in the coming days to get involved: to write messages, make calls, and ensure that representatives of both parties take action to make our tax system more fair to the hardest working, hardest his Americans.

But first, thank you.

It’s hard to know where to begin. Working America exists because of the over 3 million members in neighborhoods from Greensboro, North Carolina to Racine, Wisconsin who don’t have the benefit of a union, but know that their future depends on standing up for their economic interests.

And in this election, you did that. On a massive scale.

In Cleveland, you collected signatures to get a historic redistricting amendment on the ballot. In Albuquerque, you handed out flyers and talked to your neighbors about raising the minimum wage. In Minnesota, your canvassing, calling, and every day outreach sent dozens of anti-worker state legislators packing. Across Michigan, you put your foot down and ended the undemocratic practice of “emergency managers.” In Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Oregon, Colorado, and elsewhere, you held politicians accountable for their votes against your children’s public education.

Some of you attended community action team meetings, phone banks, or postcard-writing parties. Some of you simply shared one of your blog posts on Facebook, forwarded our slate card email to a relative, or texted us to find your polling place. Every action played a part in last night’s historic, nationwide victory.

So from all of us at Working America, thank you. And we won’t stop fighting for you.