Thunderclap: Punching In

VIDEO: Karl Rove was very, very unhappy at the results of the election.

Here’s why: his super PAC had a 1 percent success rate on a $103 million investment.

Newly re-elected Sen. Sherrod Brown: “Karl Rove had a bad night.”

How other outside groups fared in this election – did the billionaires get their desired result?

“The prizes most sought by the emerging class of megadonors remained outside their grasp.”

Four more years–and the big, powerful message that got sent about health care, taxes and other important issues.

Taking the Grover Norquist no-tax-no-think pledge sunk otherwise winning candidacies.

Why Senator Elizabeth Warren (we love that phrase) is going to be a lot more fearless and effective than your average Senator.

Tweet of the Day (so far).

Finally: This is not right – there are 600,000 votes in Arizona yet to be counted, many from Latino voters.