Hard Lesson: Clocking Out

Lessons unlearned: Do the Republicans still not get it?

“What the 2012 election exposed more than anything else is that the party’s economic agenda is a gigantic political millstone.”

Alan Greenspan is being misleading about the coming fiscal showdown.

We have a health care problem, not a “spending problem.”

Sen. Bernie Sanders leads the fight to stop Social Security and Medicare benefit cuts.

Sen. Begich of Alaska has an interesting proposal for protecting Social Security.

218 or bust: The new rules of bargaining with the House of Representatives.

No, Obamacare isn’t forcing restaurants to cut employees and hours–it’s just a convenient excuse.

The facts don’t stop this guy, a Denny’s franchiser who tells customers to pay a surcharge or just tip his employees less.

Walmart employees want to be able to work–but they also want to be able to make a decent wage at it.

The Walmart strike spreads to Dallas. (Also, be sure to follow ace labor reporter Josh Eidelson now that he’s at The Nation full-time.)

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