Throwing Down Our Pushbrooms: Clocking Out

Walmart strikers aren’t just striking to make their jobs better–they’re striking to make all jobs better.

In mandatory meetings, Walmart management threatens to discipline employees to scare them away from striking.

Study: Raising wages in retail would be a big boost to the economy.

The Walmart strike as told in animated GIFs.

The key to the new austerity push: “some very influential people don’t want to pay for it–and they’ve convinced everyone else that we can’t pay for it.”

Exhibit A: Wall Street CEO and TARP bailout beneficiary Lloyd Blankfein wants to raise the retirement age.

Unshared sacrifice: the influence-peddling corporations behind “Fix the Debt.”

Some state governments are still trying to undermine the Affordable Care Act.

The CEO of Denny’s distances himself from franchisee who wants to use ACA as an excuse to raise prices.

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