How Did Your #TurkeyTalk Go?

The leftover turkey is in Tupperware and the proverbial dust has cleared. But we wanted to check in with you about how you fared this Thanksgiving, which for many of us was our first post-election gathering with extended family.

For the second year in a row, we prepped you for these often tense, sometimes explosive gatherings with “Turkey Talk” talking points and guidelines for breaking down political issues with family and friends.

We got quite a bit of feedback. Some, like, Gary from Pennsylvania, proposed that political debates should be off-limits at family gatherings. Others, like Linda in Montana, offered the idea that progressives should forego talking points in favor of personal questions that lead to more thoughtful conversation. Several comments stressed that we must combat the myth that Social Security and Medicare are “entitlements,” rather than earned benefits that workers pay into over their lives.

Again, this isn’t about starting fights. It’s about being prepared to counter the misinformation that corporations, anti-worker politicians, and right-wing TV and radio hosts have worked so hard to drill into the heads of your friends and family. In the fight for jobs, fair wages, affordable health care, decent education, and a secure retirement, getting buy-in from the people in our lives is our first line of defense.

So, how did your turkey talk go?

  • What did your friends and relatives say about the election?
  • What were people talking about regarding the so-called “fiscal cliff?”
  • What were the most pervasive myths you had to contend with?
  • Finally, what information do you want to have ready for your next family gathering?

Let us know in the comments below, or use the hashtag #turkeytalk on Twitter.