Whatchamacallit: Clocking Out

The best explanation we’ve seen yet of the “fiscal whatchamacallit.”

Rep. Tom Cole, an Oklahoma Republican, says the obvious: let’s pass the middle-class tax cuts we agree on and deal with the rest separately.

House Speaker Boehner, on the other hand, says tax cuts for the rich or no tax cuts for anybody.

Meet the Minnesota grocery-store owner who’s retiring and leaving the store to his employees.

Austerity gurus Simpson and Bowles get $40,000 apiece for each speech about how they want to cut Social Security.

Simpson and Bowles’ “Fix the Debt” group turns out to be mostly about protecting the Bush tax cuts and cutting social programs.

Simpson-Bowles isn’t “common sense”–it’s nonsense.

Extending unemployment insurance would mean 300,000 jobs next year.

2,000 domestic workers speak out about their pay and working conditions.

When domestic workers suffer, it’s bad for the economy.

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