Backlash Blue: Clocking Out

Voter suppression backfired on Republicans as the people they tried to keep from the polls were even more determined to vote.

Pennsylvania Republicans plow ahead with another plan to rig state law for political advantage.

Disappointing: Democratic Los Angeles Mayor Villaraigosa throws his lot in with corporate-backed “Fix the Debt” effort.

Sen. Bernie Sanders pledges to fight cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid benefits.

It’s not just Bernie: Small business owners say we shouldn’t cut Medicare and SociaL Security to save high-end tax cuts.

D.C. megalobbyist Grover Norquist heads to Michigan to push a bill that would demolish collective bargaining.

A close look at Medicaid expansion in the states, which governors really need to implement.

Ouch: “Ryan had no policy to offer the poor other than the incentive of being hungrier and sicker.”