Spartans and Wolverines Agree: Punching In

Based on unscientific data, Michigan fans and Michigan state fans are united against “right to work.”

Lansing, 2012 is starting to look like Madison, 2011.

The first ever strike of cafeteria workers in Chicago began yesterday.

What is Sheldon Adelson pointing at?

$40 million in attack ads later, Sherrod Brown is still in the Senate fighting for tax fairness.

Palm Beach County gets the wag of our finger for scrapping their wage theft law.

The Akron Beacon Journal ponders whether or not the U.S. Senate can be embarrassed.

Imagining a world without Mitch McConnell’s ridiculous filibustering (Spoiler: It’s a really awesome world.)

Extending unemployment insurance would create 400,000 jobs.

Finally: Remembering Jack Brooks, former U.S. Representative from Texas, who was in JFK’s motorcade on that sad day in November 1963.