Find Your Comfortable Shoes: Punching In

Jobs Report! 146,000 jobs added in November, unemployment inches down to 7.7 percent.

In case you missed it, Michigan House and Senate passed “right to work” yesterday.

President Obama spoke out against Michigan “right to work,” something he didn’t do for the Wisconsin anti-union push in 2011.

Michigan blogger Chris Savage breaks down what’s next for “right to work.”

National Republicans spent big in November to legitimately rescue Missouri’s Todd Akin.

Oregon’s amazing Senator Jeff Merkley has a plan to reform the filibuster.

Fiscal cliff do’s and don’ts, by Working America member Nancy Bihary.

Poll: Voters in key states want to raise top income tax rates.

Here’s one reason: Corporate income tax revenue is lower in the U.S. than other industrialized countries.

Take a note, Wall Street: Teachers advocate for tougher standards…on teachers.

Finally: 6 toys that will make your head explode. (Not literally, of course.)