Wearing Red: Punching In

The must read editorial from the Detroit Free Press on Gov. Snyder’s betrayal of voters.

“You asked for it. You own it. It’s yours. And all that comes with it.”

The sneaky tactics and tricks Michigan legislators used to push this through.

Who is behind the Michigan RTW push? Chris Savage confirms: extremely wealthy people.

Michigan Republicans try to explain public safety carve-out in RTW bill.

President Obama will be in Detroit today. I wonder what he’ll talk about.

We don’t need RTW: Daimler to announce huge investment in Michigan.

Tweet of the Day.

New poll finds 60 percent of Americans favor higher tax rates on the richest 2%.

Another Republican Senator, Tennessee’s Bob Corker, agrees.

Finally: Two years ago, Senator Bernie Sanders actually filibustered, speaking for 8.5 hours in favor of a progressive budget.