VIDEO: Former Rep. Mark Schauer Talks About Being Pepper-Sprayed at Lansing Protest

Former Congressman Mark Schauer (D-MI) was a part of the protests this afternoon at the Michigan State Capitol in Lansing as Republican legislators rammed through anti-worker “right to work” bills. MIRS News interviewed the Congressman as he described what went on.

During a peaceful protest here outside of the House chambers…the House just passed the first “right to work” bill, and this very diverse coalition of union and non-union members just isn’t going to stand for it.

Unfortunately, while people were exercising their First Amendment rights, I among them, got pepper-sprayed by police officers. We were not endangering the building in any way. But we wanted to make sure, since Republicans have not provided for any public hearings or opportunities for people to speak on these bills, that they can hear how people really feel. Unfortunately, some of us are paying the price for it.

In an editorial printed this morning in the Detroit News, Schauer wrote:

Over the next few days, the people of Michigan will be standing up and fighting back against the negative effects right to work legislation will have on our communities, our families, and the ability to have a voice on the job. We all want a state where employers play by the rules, and women and workers of color enjoy a level playing field.