Elections Have Consequences: Elizabeth Warren Joins Banking Committee

A little over a month ago, we were excited as we watched Elizabeth Warren win a tough Senate race in Massachusetts. We knew she’d be a great Senator—not just a good vote but a leader with expertise and passion about important issues. And today, there’s another reason to be excited: Senator-Elect Warren will sit on the Senate Banking Committee.

As a law professor, Warren literally wrote the book on bankruptcy law and consumer credit. She helped create the Consumer Financial Protection Board and acted as a watchdog for the TARP bank rescue program. She knows this stuff as well as anyone else in the country and she’s been a strong voice for consumers. Now, she’s going to have a position overseeing America’s financial industry—a job she’s uniquely qualified to hold.

The best evidence that Warren is the right person to sit on the Banking Committee? Financial-industry lobbyists were terrified it could happen.

Working America members in Ohio worked hard to get Sen. Sherrod Brown another term in office. Brown (who Warren will join on the Banking Committee) was appointed to the Senate Finance Committee today. The importance of the Finance Committee is hard to overstate; it’s where the Affordable Care Act was created and it oversees a huge amount of health care and tax policy as well as Medicare and Social Security. We’re pleased that Brown will be a voice for working-class and middle-class people on this committee.

The Budget Committee will also have two new members who came into office with strong support from Working America members: Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin and Tim Kaine of Virginia.

Warren and Baldwin have also been named to seats on the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, where they’ll have a vital role overseeing important social programs and protections for working people.

You don’t just win elections for the sake of doing so. You do it so you can have an impact on policy and make people’s lives better. Baldwin, Brown, Kaine and Warren are all in a position to make a real difference in the years to come, and we’re glad to see it.

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