Pretty Fly for a Whiteboard: Punching In

Jeff Merkley takes to the whiteboard to explain why we need to restore the talking filibuster.

TIME Magazine’s essay on President Obama as Person of the Year.

Rick Scott joins Rick Snyder in the unpopular anti-worker governor club.

Older women, especially poor older women, are the hardest-hit by the potential fiscal deals.

Progressive members of Congress oppose Social Security benefit cuts.

AFSCME and other unions go on the air against Social Security benefit cuts.

Three alternative cuts to Social Security that hurt less than chained CPI.

State Senator in Alabama (poverty rate 16.7%) wants to add a free bargaining ban to the state constitution.

VIDEO: New York Times exposes how Walmart bribed their way into Mexico.

Finally: A word from the people who are about to be thrown off the “fiscal cliff.”