AIGotta Be Kidding Me: Clocking Out

AIG is seriously considering suing the government that bailed it out for making the bailout terms too strict.

“To anyone who closely followed the events of September 2008, when AIG was bailed out, this theory seems patently ridiculous.”

More on the vague, bank-friendly mortgage settlement.

The Earned Income Tax Credit and the minimum wage aren’t mutually exclusive–both help working people.

“As long as the debt ceiling isn’t raised…we’d default on 40 percent of our obligations, over and over again.”

Debt-ceiling hostage taking is much, much crazier than the novel solutions to get around it.

Idaho rejects the Medicaid expansion, potentially leaving 88,000 uninsured.

A new year, a new #RickScottFail: Florida governor uses numbers he’s been told are wrong to justify his opposition to Medicaid.

Increased government spending on infrastructure, especially infrastructure repair, is a no-brainer.”

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