What’s $3 Trillion Between Friends? Punching In

25 progressive victories in 2012 – which one is your favorite?

It’s 2013, and we are not done with #RickScottFail’s, not by a long shot. Here’s the Florida governor inventing numbers to avoid implementing Obamacare. #ICYMI

Tax avoidance by the uber-wealthy and corporations could cost up to $3 trillion, twice the cost of Social Security and Medicare.

Of the 52 million domestic workers worldwide, many are women, and many aren’t protected by any labor laws.

Oh noes, we raised taxes on millionaires! But not really. Harold Meyerson explains why.

Jack Lew likely pick to lead Treasury Department.

Stephen Sweeney: A free bargaining ban won’t be law in New Jersey “as long as I am Senate President.”

Related: Politicians claim Android Industries moved to Indiana because of its free bargaining ban. That’s false.

Finally: In Philly, Sheet Metal Workers’ Local 19 helps families in need during the holiday season.