Walmart CEO Announces There Will Be More Transparency in Worker Scheduling

Reposted from the AFL-CIO NOW Blog

Walmart employees who are part of the OUR Walmart group organizing for change and workers’ rights at the massive chain announced on their Facebook page that Bill Simon, president and CEO of Walmart, said at the National Retail Federation conference this morning that Walmart will begin to have more transparency in its scheduling system “so part-time workers can choose more hours for themselves.

Walmart’s tweet produced some skeptical responses from workers, but others were optimistic the retail giant was starting to listen:

Walmart is listening to one of our demands to give more hours to Associates who want them! Like this and share to spread the word!

Simon also announced Walmart would hire 100,000 veterans beginning Memorial Day. Veterans who are honorably discharged within 12 months of active duty are eligible.

The Nation’s Josh Eidelson spoke to a Tulsa Walmart worker, Christopher Bentley Owen, who was “less than impressed” with this announcement:

“You’re still subject to all the crap that comes from working for Walmart,” Owen told The Nation. “Extremely low wages, poor benefits and everything else. If that’s the best that’s available for veterans, then there is something wrong.” Owen served in the U.S. navy for two years. He joined the union-backed workers’ group OUR Walmart after being required to attend a meeting in which management read a statement urging workers not to go on strike.

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