Cure Michigan: Punching In

National security advisor Denis McDonough likely to be Obama’s next Chief of Staff.

Tired of polarization and discord in Congress? There’s a  bill for that. #ICYMI

Republicans are bragging that they kept control of the U.S. House through gerrymandering.

Los Angeles will vote whether to support a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United.

Huffington Post notices North Carolina’s terrible unemployment insurance cuts.

Who built that? Corporate profits have grown by 171 percent under Obama.

Lobbyists spent big bucks to get more charter schools in Michigan. Congratulations! They are some of the worst charter schools in the country.

Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley paying a settlement over foreclosure fraud – relative to the damage, they are getting away scott free.

Related: Minnesota Democrats proposing legislation to fight foreclosure abuses.

Finally: Our Cartoon of the Day demonstrates what it’s like to work in a state with a fair bargaining ban (aka “right to work”).