The Game Is Rigged, Man: Clocking Out

Reeling from their 2012 losses, Republicans are looking for ways to tilt the next presidential election in their favor.

Case in point: Pennsylvania state House Republicans introduce a new bill to give themselves an advantage in the electoral college.

More: “Republicans are openly seeking to rig the 2016 elections…This is very likely the biggest political story of the next 4 years.”

Related: an interesting new look at gerrymandering and how Republicans have used it to empower themselves.

Today in labor history: in 1962, President John F. Kennedy gives federal employees the right to collectively bargain.

Big banks who have to pay compensation for foreclosure fraud will get to write it off on their taxes. (Translation: that means you pay for their misconduct.)

In better news, the CFPB put out new standards requiring banks to do more to protect homeowners.

Republicans are willing to put a lot at risk to push their austerity agenda.

North Carolina state legislators propose replacing income tax with sales tax–a huge shift of the tax burden away from the rich and on to working people.

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback is pushing the same idea, benefiting the very richest at the expense of the poor and middle class.