Talk for Ten Hours Straight or Forever Hold Your Peace: Punching In

Today is the make or break day for Senate rules reform. (Send a message now!)

LISTEN: Senator Jeff Merkley talks about why Senate rules reform matters.

Also: Senator Tammy Baldwin joins those calling for Senate rules reform.

New York City #BusStrike in its fourth day, NLRB will rule this week.

Any immigration legislation needs to deal with our broken guest worker program.

Key quote: “The system is terribly exploitative. We’re dealing with human beings, not commodities.”

On the anniversary of Citizens United, seven brides marry seven corporations on the steps of the New York City Stock Exchange.

#WorkerVictory! Chicago City Council makes big ruling against wage theft. #ICYMI

Former Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson is the latest to go through the “revolving door” of lobbyists and politicians.

Josh Eidelson on why President Obama should appoint (Working America Board Member!) Domestic Workers Alliance head Ai-Jen Poo as Secretary of Labor.

Stay classy! Virginia Republicans used Inauguration Day for some nasty partisan redistricting.

Finally: President Obama’s Second Inaugural Address.