Mary Jo White Stripes: Punching In

Unions gained 156,000 new Latino members in 2012.

JPMorgan Chase trying to hold on to its power, but shareholders want to break up the bank.

Learn about Mary Jo White, Obama’s pick to head the SEC.

Key Quote: Patrick J. Fitzgerald, the former United States attorney in Chicago who previously worked under Ms. White, called her “a force of nature.”

Obama also re-upped Richard Cordray to head the CFPB (love) which shakes up the Ohio governor’s race.

Related: Elizabeth Warren (love) talks about what makes a good financial regulator.

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus is dead serious about his plan to hijack the electoral college.

But Florida’s Republican House Speaker is not on board.

How about we not push the austerity policies that have caused the UK’s triple dip recession.

A reminder that Paul Ryan is a hardcore ideologue, not a thoughtful numbers guy.

Finally: A brilliant synopsis of the filibuster fight from David Waldman.