I’m 57 Flavors and Then Some: Punching In

Scott Walker thinks rigging the electoral college in Wisconsin is an “interesting idea.”

John Nichols has three strategies to block the GOP electoral college hijacking.

The governors who are turning down Medicaid expansion are sticking it to working families in many ways – here are five.

Related: Almost 16,000 Texans have told Rick Perry to accept Medicaid funds – have you?

(Ridiculous) Chart of the Day: 0.2 percent of banks control 69 percent of bank assets.

Everything you wanted to know about the bipartisan framework around a path to citizenship but never bothered to ask.

Can you name the 57 affiliate unions of the AFL-CIO?

What’s making us happy this week: Sick days becoming a major issue in the NYC Mayor’s race.

Finally: The thing that’s making us really sad this week: Tom Harkin’s upcoming retirement.