New Package, Same Taste: Clocking Out

New documents show that the Fed was blindsided by the financial crisis.

Republicans and right-wing pundits gather in DC to ask what went wrong for them in 2012…

…but: “Their proposals for a makeover all involve changing the sales pitch rather than the product.”

Don’t let attacks on unions in the workplace and in politics disguise the fact that there’s new kinds of organizing going on.

AFL-CIO President Trumka on immigration: “At long last there is bipartisan agreement on our top priority, that immigration reform must include a viable path to citizenship.”

The argument remains, though, over what kind of path it is.

Whoops: Nevada Republican arrested after committing voter fraud in an attempt to prove a point about voter fraud.

Union yes: “I’m just thrilled I have dental,” said Anne Hathaway at this weekend’s SAG/AFTRA Awards.