Very Serious Oversight: Punching In

President Obama begins his push for a path to citizenship in Las Vegas today.

Those who want to cut Medicare say “we’re living longer.” Not all of us.

Virginia fails to put a fair bargain ban in their constitution – by one vote.

Related: Virginia lawmakers got a lot of free trips from special interest groups last year.

After Gov. Christie’s veto, New Jersey Democrats vow to put minimum wage increase on the ballot.

Related: Chris, why can’t you be more like Montana?

But remember, says Gordon Lafer: Focus on corporations, not just the politicians they own.

Could “Congressional swap” help members of Congress work together? (Worked in 1980.)

Uh oh. Mr. Voter Suppression himself, Ohio Secretary of State John Husted, supports electoral college hijack.

Finally: It’s the 4-year anniversary of the Lily Ledbetter Act. Why we have a long ways to go for gender pay equity.