Clap Your Thunder Say Yeah: Punching In

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The Wall Street Journal tells corporations how to avoid Obamacare.

Related: Wall Street is, like, totally confused that some Republicans want to tax derivatives.

Sick leave ordinance makes its debut before the Portland City Council.

36 U.S. Senators vote against relief for Hurricane Sandy, many who previously requested disaster relief funds.

Politico ridiculously reports that “liberals” want to cut Social Security.

Josh Mandel, who spent all of last year lying about Sherrod Brown, starts 2013 by lying about collective bargaining.

Obama speech yesterday kicks off “best shot at immigration overhaul in decades.”

Since the owners don’t seem to care, the NFLPA is funding a study to determine the long-term health consequences of on-the-field injuries.

Finally: Cheer up! Fox News ratings hit 12-year demo lows.