Niners, Ravens, and Unions, Oh My: Punching In

Dragged down by losses in the public sector, unemployment rate inches up to 7.9 percent.

But, upward revisions for November and December show that 2012 was the best year for jobs since 2005.

#RickScottFail #71: Florida governor plans to cut 3,647 jobs in state budget.

With Lt. Governor’s support, momentum builds for Medicaid expansion in Virginia.

Senator Bernie Sanders takes a verbal baseball bat to “chained CPI” Social Security cuts.

NLRB and UFCW agree to a 60-day moratorium on Walmart picketing.

Could the site of this year’s Super Bowl be the next frontier for the labor movement?

Missouri Republican legislator caught on tape trying to “spin” no-rights-at-work.

Related: Banning fair bargaining lowers wages, increases inequality.

Finally: (Animated) Cartoon of the Day.