Fear of Paper: Clocking Out

So much more than a bus seat”: Remembering Rosa Parks, who would have turned 100 today.

The real Rosa Parks was a lifelong activist and organizer.

Americans still put jobs as their #1 issue–but the issue is taking a back seat in Congress.

Speaking of which: The sequester would cost us a million jobs if it goes through.

Krugman: Austerity hasn’t helped the economy anywhere it’s been tried.

Nullification: By blocking the CFPB director, Senate Republicans are trying to make Wall Street reform fail.

Republican state legislators are looking for ways to win elections without the burden of, y’know, getting more votes.

A voter suppression bill fails to pass the Virginia state Senate.

Republican state Senators in Washington push to overturn the state’s family and medical leave law.

Finally: Maine Gov. Paul LePage is afraid of newspapers.

Song for the day: