Good News: Ohio Will Accept Medicaid Expansion

For almost half a million low-income Ohioans, today is a very, very good day. It looks like the state will likely accept the Medicaid expansion, a key portion of the Affordable Care Act.

That means that low-income families in Ohio will get guaranteed health care coverage, supported by federal funding. Every Ohio household making up to 133 percent of the federal poverty level is eligible for coverage under the Medicaid expansion. This goes a long way towards fulfilling the promise of the Affordable Care Act: making sure that no one should have to go without health care.

It was a long fight to get the ACA passed, against determined opposition. But we won, and working families are going to benefit.

Gov. John Kasich, not often on the right side of issues affecting working families, joins a number of other governors—including four Republicans—in support of Medicaid expansion.

In a statement today, Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown—who supported the Affordable Care Act—praised the decision to accept Medicaid expansion as good for working people, health care providers and businesses in the state.

Meanwhile, a number of other states—including Florida and Texas—are still resisting Medicaid expansion. Accepting the expansion shouldn’t be a hard decision, but governors in these states are turning down a windfall of federal funding, not to mention hurting their most vulnerable constituents, to score ideological points. It’s especially grating to see Florida and Texas states hold out, because they have extremely high numbers of families without health coverage. The states that are declining the expansion are undermining one of the most important parts of the Affordable Care Act and leaving millions uninsured.