Happy Birthday, FMLA: Clocking Out

Pennsylvania Republicans introduce bill to game the electoral vote.

Speaking of Pennsylvania Republicans, Gov. Corbett declines Medicaid expansion, depriving hundreds of thousands of health care.

Will Congress and the President finally take on long voting lines and restrictions?

An independent panel in Maine says that a voter ID law would cause problems, not solve them.

Now at its 20th anniversary, the Family and Medical Leave Act is really important—but it doesn’t go far enough.

The FMLA isn’t just public policy, it’s personal.

Everyone deserves the chance to earn sick days.

The “emotional labor” required of low-wage service workers puts the heaviest burden on women.

Worker organizing gets a foothold inside the hostile environment of Walmart.

Pay attention: the U.K.’s experience shows that austerity doesn’t work.

The Obama administration needs to put good jobs at good wages at the center of its agenda.

Collective bargaining lifts wages for all workers–its decline hurts all workers.