Neither Snow Nor Rain Nor Gloom of Congress: Punching In

Postal Service will end Saturday mail service this August.

Why you can blame Congress for mail service cuts.

How the labor movement did a 180 on immigration.

North Carolina House passes horrific unemployment cuts.

Loyal ALEC soldier Daryl Metcalfe pushing “no rights at work” in Pennsylvania.

Gov. Kasich’s new sales tax hike will hit lower-income Ohioans most.

(And you know it’s not a good tax plan when Grover Norquist supports it.)

Florida Gov. Rick Scott plans a $100 million reelection campaign, most expensive in state history.

Speaking of Rick Scott, study shows minorities waited twice as long to vote as whites in 2012 (Florida had the longest lines nationwide).

Feminist blog Jezebel on earned sick days: “Why is this even an issue?”

Bill Clinton: We need to update the Family and Medical Leave Act for the 21st Century.

Finally: Chart of the Day.