Retail-iation: Clocking Out

Labor movement kicks off a major effort to fix immigration law.

Steelworkers head Leo Gerard says immigration reform should end exploitation of immigrant workers to lift standards for all workers.

Why some Republicans governors are accepting Medicaid expansion.

Virginia Republicans quietly kill the sneaky state Senate redistricting plan.

Indiana legislators try to crack down on the youth vote.

Right on: “Anybody who wants to vote should be able to vote. As a society, we should be reducing, not erecting, roadblocks to the act of voting.”

Walmart retaliates against employees who struck on Black Friday.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s tax plan means a little $63 tax hike for the lowest 20% and a $10,000 tax cut for the top 1%.

Florida’s Gov. Rick Scott plans to dump $100 million into running for re-election.

What’s really going to give our kids better educational outcomes? Better access to pre-K and child care.

Corporate astroturf group makes a lot of provably false claims about Connecticut’s pioneering earned sick days law.