Endorsement: Joanne Dorsher and Clark Johnson for State Representative

Take Action: Say you’ll vote in the special election and invite your friends.

Tomorrow, February 12, 2013, there is a special election in Minnesota for two state house seats. We have the chance to grow the pro-worker majority in the legislature and defeat two allies of Rep. Michele Bachmann.

The first is in House District 14A, which covers part of St. Cloud, Waite Park, St. Augusta, and two precincts in St. Joseph Township. The seat was vacated when Rep. Steve Gottwalt (R-St. Cloud) announced his resignation last month.

The second is in House District 19A, which covers parts of Mankato as well as Blue Earth, Le Sueur, and Nicollet Counties. The seat was vacated in December, when Rep. Terry Morrow (DFL-St. Peter) announced his retirement shortly after winning reelection.

Holding 19A and picking up 14A for the DFL will help pro-worker advocate Gov. Mark Dayton and his legislative allies enact a progressive agenda that works for working families, including but not limited to infrastructure investment, expansion of Medicaid, and raising the minimum wage.

For House District 14A, Working America endorses Joanne Dorsher. Ms. Dorsher is a former member of the St. Cloud School Board, and wants to invest in the right priorities for Minnesota. She will champion our schools and colleges and close wasteful corporate loopholes to make our budget sustainable in the long term.

For House District 19A, Working America endorses Clark Johnson. Mr. Johnson is a longtime educator here in Nicollet County. He’ll make sure we have a fair, progressive tax system and a budget that supports our priorities, like infrastructure and good schools. He’ll protect collective bargaining and fight privatization of important state services.

Rep. Michele Bachmann, the incendiary anti-worker member of Congress and presidential candidate, nearly lost her seat in November 2012. Nevertheless, she is still wielding her influence in Minnesota politics, advocating for Ms. Dorsher’s Republican opponent Tama Thies in 14A and former Republican Rep. Allen Quist in 19A.

Not only would victories for Dorsher and Johnson expand the pro-worker majority in the legislature, it would also signal that Bachmann’s brand of divisive politics is no longer accepted in Minnesota, from the top of the ballot down.

Say you’ll vote for Joanne Dorsher and Clark Johnson in the special election, and invite your friends to spread the word.

Prepared and paid for by the Working America Minnesota Political Fund, 815 16th St., N.W., Washington, DC 20006, in support of Joanne Dorsher. This is an independent expenditure not circulated on behalf of any candidate or ballot committee.

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