America’s Unions: Our Values @Work

Reposted from AFL-CIO NOW

Union members have been called many stereotypes over the years: thugs, relics, selfish—the list goes on. But the truth is union members are people who work and make contributions to their communities every day. Union members are innovating on the job and training the next generation of skilled workers, among many other things.

Most people are familiar with the idea that as the number of workers in unions has declined over the past three or so decades, so has the middle class. That’s because unions are just regular working people who come together to bargain for better living and working standards.

Many things unions do are familiar to people who regularly visit this blog but are probably less visible to people who know very little about unions. Like that union members run one of the largest worker training programs in this country, AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Elizabeth Shuler wrote in a Daily Kos diary. “That innovative work by union members fuels today’s green technology. And that union members supply a great deal of the man- and woman-power, as well as the funding for community service programs, from running food drives to disaster recovery and winning health care benefits for people who don’t belong to unions.”

The new @Work section on the AFL-CIO website highlights the amazing work union members are doing all over the United States, from taxi drivers in New York City winning increased take-home pay and expanded access to health care, to UAW members leading the way in creating more fuel-efficient cars.

Check out the new @Work site and share with your friends who might only know unions in the frame of stereotypes. You just might surprise them.

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