Nino Versus Rosa: Clocking Out

Civil rights activist Rosa Parks is honored with a statue in the U.S. Capitol…

…while across the street, the Supreme Court considered a challenge to the Voting Rights Act.

Justice Scalia called the Voting Rights Act “a perpetuation of racial entitlement.”

Scalia’s outburst also defies the plain language of the 15th Amendment, which actually does entitle people to be protected from racial discrimination in voting.

Why Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act might be in trouble.

The sequester explained in animated GIFs.

Rep. Eric Cantor admits that he was the one who blocked a compromise during the 2011 debt-ceiling standoff, hoping to get a deal he liked better after Obama lost. (Oops.)

Now it’s Speaker John Boehner’s turn to get moving.

How is it that only 6% of Americans realize the deficit is shrinking?

We’ve declared there’s a crisis because we’ve produced a hypothetical number, tethered to reality only by a host of assumptions and guesswork.”

Cartoon of the day: “The Bowles-Simpson Approach.”

Cable giant Comcast is trying to crush momentum for earned sick days in Philadelphia.

Check out the PBS documentary “Makers,” about the history and future of the movement for women’s rights–featuring our Executive Director Karen Nussbaum.