Stop Paycheck Deception in Missouri

Reposted from AFL-CIO NOW

Last week we told you that paycheck deception and other anti-worker legislation formulated in the American Legislative Exchange Council’s (ALEC‘s) corporate-backed laboratories were moving in the Missouri legislature. Now paycheck deception is close to a Senate vote, and the Missouri AFL-CIO is urging Show-Me State voters to call their state senators—1-888-907-9711—and urge them to oppose S.B. 29.

Says Missouri AFL-CIO President Hugh McVey:

Extremists are pushing a paycheck deception bill that would silence the voices of snow plow drivers, street crews, nurses, grocery store workers and other hardworking Missourians. Attacks on front-line workers are the last thing our state needs. It won’t create a single job, but the paycheck deception bill and similar measures will make life more difficult for the front-line workers who work for us every day.

Tell the Missouri legislature to stop the attacks on workers’ rights.