Shady Adelson: Clocking Out

Sequestration is “a bad law motivated by a bad misreading of what the economy needs.”

Among the sequester cuts: major reductions in health and science research.

Chris Hayes has a better idea.

Here’s what’s wrong with the way we think about government spending and debt.

I never feel like I’m totally checked out of work.” For many young workers, the job doesn’t end.

Looking back at the failure of George Bush’s “ownership society” ideal.

Still at it: Wisconsin Republicans pushing to end weekend early voting hours.

Florida Republican legislators move to block Medicaid funds.

Thank goodness for automatic stabilizers.

Sheldon Adelson, the casino billionaire who was the biggest single donor to Republican campaigns in 2012, admits his company may have violated bribery laws.

Happy 100th birthday to the U.S. Department of Labor!