Victory! Portland Workers Win Sick Days

Life for working people in Portland got a little bit better today. In a unanimous vote, Portland’s city council approved a measure to allow employees to earn paid sick time off. It’s a strong bill that will really help families in Portland.

That means people in Portland won’t have to show up to work sick or risk getting fired. It means they won’t have to choose between losing a day’s pay or leaving a sick child at home alone.

It also shows the power of strength in numbers. This didn’t happen by accident, and it didn’t happen suddenly—it took hard work by activists and community groups, and it took Portland voters contacting their city council members to ask them to pass it. This is a victory for everyone who took the time to call, email or write to city councilors.

Passing earned sick days is a great example of working people coming together to make their lives better at work—and that is at the heart of what Working America will be doing across the country this year. From Albuquerque to Philadelphia, our focus is on empowering working people, building their power, and giving them the tools to make their jobs better. (You can help by taking our survey at

Our success in Portland shows what can be done when we work together. Congratulations to everyone in Oregon who made this happen.