Taking Action for Reel: New Mexico Film Workers On the Move

Currently, in New Mexico, our joint-organization with IATSE 480, Reel Working America, is rapidly expanding.

After Film & Media Day in Santa Fe, our membership totaled 600 members and just recently we reached out to 150 new members in Las Vegas, New Mexico. But perhaps the most exciting part of Reel Working America is the active roles and leadership our members are taking in the legislative issues that are affecting the film industry—such as the “Breaking Bad Bill.”

House Bill379 – dubbed the Breaking Bad Bill - would increase tax incentives to 30 percent for TV shows producing at least six episodes in New Mexico. Hollywood called the Breaking Bad Bill a “game changer,” but far more importantly it would create more jobs for film workers and local businesses that cater to the various needs of the productions.

One of our members, Shelley Carney, expressed the importance of this legislative bill:

Film has become a family business for me, my husband, and children. It’s helped us build a future together, beyond this, the film industry has become our family and we are all doing our part to grow that in New Mexico.”

As Governor Susana Martinez was debating signing the bill, Reel Working America members expressed their support with about 1,000 photo petitions with statements such as “Let’s Bring Jobs Home” and 700 written statements about why they personally supported the bill.

Although Gov. Martinez ended up vetoing the bill, a similar initiative was added to a larger tax package of which the Governor finally signed –  a big win for the New Mexico’s film industry. Not only will this initiative will bring new film jobs to New Mexico, but it was an opportunity for our members to step up and take on leadership roles during a pressing time for the industry.

This marks a great beginning to the glowing future of Reel Working America.

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