Standing Up for North Carolina Schools

Joyce, a Working America member, is from Greensboro.

Here in North Carolina, a very regressive Republican-controlled legislature has proposed big changes in our public education system. Their plan could result in our state having the most extensive voucher program in the nation, up to $50 million in public tax dollars for vouchers over a 2 year period.

In addition to this, the legislature wants to cut back on money spent for teacher assistants, textbooks, and technology. It’s a double whammy: the legislature’s plan will end up privatizing and weakening our public schools.

Our state needs just the opposite – it needs a strong public education system that is fully integrated, with each classroom having a diverse pool of students to reflect our state’s diverse population—and every school having the steady funding it needs.

I’m not going to sit back and let it happen. As a Working America member, I took action. I led a forum at my church on the proposed changes to NC’s school vouchers and charter school program. I helped circulate petitions on public education. I wrote a letter to the editor to my local newspaper and I called the office of my state senator to express my views.

Your voice can make a difference, too.If you live in North Carolina, please contact your state senator and state house representative about these public education issues.

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