Workers Defense Project Is Making a Huge Difference in the Lives of Texas Construction Workers

Immigrant construction workers in Austin, Texas, have a fierce advocate fighting for back pay, safety on the job and basic workplace rights.

The Workers Defense Project, profiled by Steven Greenhouse in this weekend’s New York Times Business section, is an example of a worker center that is highly successful in its campaigns.

Greenhouse writes:

As worker centers go, the Workers Defense Project in Austin has racked up an unusual number of successes. It has won more than $1 million in back pay over the last decade on behalf of workers alleging violations of minimum wage and overtime laws. A report it wrote on safety problems spurred the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to investigate 900 construction sites in Texas—leading to nearly $2 million in fines.

Read the rest of The Workers Defense Project, a Union in Spirit.

Photo by Workers Defense Project on Facebook

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