The Workers’ Rights Struggle Behind this Summer’s Hottest Tours

In 2012, music video performers won a landmark union contract through SAG-AFTRA. The victory represented the culmination of over 20 years of advocacy, lead by an alt-labor group called the Dancers’ Alliance.

This year, the intrepid performers and organizers of the Dancers’ Alliance are looking to expand those protections to dancers and choreographers on tour. Their campaign? #TheUnionizeTour.

While big stars like Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake rake in big money with their massive nationwide tours, the members of the Dancers’ Alliance will be fighting to make sure their backup performers have access to health insurance, get treated decently on tour, and have recourse if they aren’t paid the wages they are owed.

Watch the video above and definitely follow #TheUnionizeTour on Twitter and Instagram for updates.

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