Have A Question About Your Rights at Work? Our Office Is Open


Today, Working America is kicking off our first #FixMyJob Office Hour. From 3-4pm EST, I’ll be available to answer your questions about your rights at work, how to deal with a bad boss, and everything else you might encounter during the daily grind.

RSVP here or on the event below.

I’ve organized and assisted workers all over the country for more than 15 years, from home care workers to bus drivers, and I’ve noticed a common thread that runs through nearly every problem encountered at the workplace: the solution is strength in numbers.

Getting together and discussing the issue with even just one or two co-workers is the start of every path to a better, more respectful workplace. Afraid of being noticed? Meet at a coffee shop, or use a personal phone, text, or Skype.

All too often, employees don’t think they are all experiencing the same problem, and think they are alone. When you put your heads together, you can strategize on what you can do, what has already been done, and what the next steps are.

I hope you can tune in for my first Office Hour at 3pm EST. If not, feel free to email me at [email protected] or send me a tweet at @Wright2Organize.

Above all, check out FixMyJob.com for information and resources on making your workplace a better place to work.


Photo by rym on Flickr

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