This is Chris’s story

Chris Pennock is a Working America member here in Minnesota, and he’s had a unique few months.

He agreed to sit on the Workforce Partnership Group, which was set up to examine how the city of Minneapolis can best make sure everyone has paid time off when they are sick. Business people, labor groups and workers served on the partnership, and Chris represented everyday working people like you and me.

After weeks of listening sessions, studies and testimony, the group recently released a strong set of proposals to tackle this urgent problem in our city. Now, it’s up to us to make sure the word gets out so that elected leaders on the City Council act with urgency to follow their lead.

Check out Chris’s video and share it with your friends to help make this happen.

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This comment from Chris jumped out at me.

“I am a low-wage worker who hasn’t had sick time in 10 years. Whatever it is — a foodborne illness, the flu — I have to decide what’s more important to me. I have to decide whether I want to pay my bills or take care of myself. And that is something we heard so many times from people.”

Right now, people are having to choose between paying the bills and taking care of themselves or their loved ones. That’s not who we are as Minnesotans, and by acting together, we can change this policy.