5 Ways #OccupyWallStreet’s Influence Is Still Felt: Punching In

Another world is (still) possible

Five ways Occupy Wall Street’s influence is still being felt.

Indexing matters

Oregon’s minimum wage will automatically rise to $9.25 in 2015 to keep up with the cost of living.

Rebuilding the labor board

NLRB member Sharon Block is on her way to returning to the board after the Supreme Court invalidated her appointment.

Which CEOs rip off their workers the most?

Spoiler alert: it’s fast food. Not even close.

Union Fight At JFK Airport Escalates: Punching In

What’s the matter  with home health care work?

Why it’s a big deal that California’s paid sick days law excludes low-wage health workers.

CFPB takes on Corinthian College

Consumer bureau accuses for-profit college of misleading students into taking unaffordable loans.

Airport union fight escalates

Dozens of JFK Airport workers go on strike, say management is retaliating against them for wanting to join SEIU 32BJ.

We always knew she was a genius

Incredible organizer and Working America board member Ai-Jen Poo awarded a MacArthur “genius” grant.

Even In Red States, Minimum Wage Increase Is Too Popular to Oppose: Punching In

Even in red states, some candidates don’t dare oppose minimum wage increases

It’s too unpopular not to! GOP Senate candidates in Alaska and Arkansas support minimum wage increases.

Ohio early voting schedule set

Court order keeps Secretary of State John Husted from running amok–famous “Golden Week” restored, where you can register and cast a ballot early.

Fast food owners: Help us, Congress!

The International Franchise Association (IFA) is lobbying Congressional leaders to fight back against fast food strikers and NLRB decisions that make franchises liable for how they treat workers.

Four more companies leave ALEC

Raytheon, Sempra Energy, Illinois Tool Works, and Southern California Edison all cut ALEC ties. Even under pressure, Google remains.

Pennsylvania Cyber School Will Hold Union Election: Punching In

Polling confirms what we already knew about the Kochs

Being tied to the Koch Brothers is becoming a huge problem for key Republican Senate candidates

The horrible truth about American elections in one chart

Spending more money is the best determinant of victory in an American election, and only 0.13 percent of the population provides that money.

Ridiculous education official in Ohio thinks considers StudentsFirst “neutral”

Seriously? Pro-charter, pro-privatization group is being allowed to advise parents on school closings.

Beep borp…does…not…compute…

A Pennsylvania cyber school tried (and failed) to stop a union election.

Free Community College Could Soon Be A Reality in Tennessee: Punching In

Forbes punctures corporate myth about raising the wage

Yes, Fortune 500 companies can pay their workers better, says a publication you wouldn’t expect.

Making community college free for all

Sound like a pipe dream? It may soon be reality in Tennessee.

What I did on my summer vacation

Students in the “Summer for Respect” program spent their vacation organizing with Walmart associates.

How we talk about the economy

Every day we use simple phrases that play into a corporate-driven vision of the economy. Let’s look at this language.

Read This Before You Pre-Order the iPhone 6: Punching In

Huge report released on crooked state executives

Everything you ever wanted to know about the scandals enveloping 13 Republican governors.

Read before you buy the iPhone 6

Wage theft is widespread across Apple’s global supply chain.

Minimum wage increases abound in California

With Los Angeles considering a massive hike, West Hollywood and Santa Monica city councils considering their own wage ordinances.

“Foreclosure king” seeks a spot in Congress

Michigan Congressional candidate Dave Trott made a fortune on foreclosures. Will it hurt his chances?

Walmart Institutes Dress Code That Many Workers Can’t Afford: Punching In

Partial victory in California

Gov. Brown signs paid sick days bill into law, but too many are excluded.\

Walmart workers can’t afford new dress code

From stores to online forums, associates revolt against being forced to spend more on clothes.

For once, no filibuster

Senate advances Paycheck Fairness Act, but many Republicans still call it a “show vote.”


This Time, The Cheerleaders Won The Game: Punching In

Ready? Okay!

Oakland Raiders will pay $1.25 million to cheerleaders in wage theft lawsuit.

Speaking of football…

How does the NFL make $9 billion a year and not pay taxes?

Perfect spiral

CHART: As more companies join ACA exchanges, health care premiums continue to drop.

Someone Tried to Estimate How Much Money House Republicans Have Wasted: Punching In

Today we celebrate our “independents” day!

Independent candidates shake up key elections: leading the ticket for governor in Alaska and in the lead for Senate in Kansas.

Groceries for thought

Did the good guys win in the Market Basket fight? A critical look at the answer.

Not exactly fiscally responsible

One blogger tries to estimate how much money House Republicans have wasted. It’s a big number.

Who’s afraid of Houston voters?

How Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott used his office to shut down a voter registration drive in Houston.

More Than 50,000 NYC Children Start Universal Pre-K This Week: Punching In

Changing minds on voting rights

A former Republican describes how his attitudes changed on “voter ID” laws.

Only states that begin with “C”

California will soon join Connecticut as the only states with statewide paid sick days laws.

“Right to work” goes local

Through its new local affiliate ACCE, ALEC is figuring out how to enact city-level union-busting laws.

“It’s worth pausing to note what an accomplishment this is.”

The New York Times editorial board lauds NYC’s new universal pre-K.