Uber Fires Driver Over A Tweet, But Backlash Helps Him Get His Job Back: Punching In

Washington Post reviews the state of minimum wage ballot initiatives

Alaska, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Arkansas in strong position to raise wages.

Minnesota absentee voting outpacing 2010

State has a big gubernatorial and Senate race this year.

Florida inmates dying after Gov. Scott privatizes health care

“Between 2008 and 2013, Corizon Health was sued 660 times for malpractice. But Governor Rick Scott’s administration failed to take note of this history when it awarded Corizon a $1.2 billion contract in 2011.”

Uber driver fired over a tweet, backlash gets him rehired

“Ortiz’s firing also shows that despite Uber’s flexibility, drivers are completely at the behest of the company.”

Missouri’s Tea Party Speaker Has A “Solution” for Poverty in Ferguson: Punching In

Missouri’s Tea Party Speaker says “right to work” is the solution to Ferguson

Not coincidentally, Speaker Tim Jones was the Missouri ALEC co-chair until this year.

Why wait? Nearly 1 million Americans have already cast ballots in midterm elections

904,000 votes already cast, according to the AP, with 60 percent of those in Florida.

More than 1,700 workers in New England strike against FairPoint Communications

Strike comes two days after company froze worker pensions and replaced them with 401(k) plans going forward.

New York Attorney General sues Papa John’s franchisee for $2 million

AG Schneiderman: “My office will combat wage theft whenever and wherever we see it in order to protect the rights of hardworking New Yorkers, including pizza delivery workers and others who toil at fast-food restaurants.”

Yes, There Was A Fan, But They Said Stuff at the Florida Debate Too: Punching In

New report reveals horrific extent of predatory outsourcing–aided and abetted by governors

Michigan’s Rick Snyder, Kansas’ Sam Brownback, and Wisconsin’s Scott Walker have given sweetheart deals to private companies that coincidentally supported their campaigns.

Chart: It’s impossible to afford college with a minimum wage job

“The total amount of student debt in the US has more than tripled in the past 10 years, from $363 billion in 2005 to more than $1.2 trillion today.”

Ohio’s Gov. Kasich still hasn’t given a clear answer on “right to work”

“When both the governor and his major-party challenger were asked a series of 20 questions recently by the Kasich-friendly Columbus Dispatch, Johnny Pennsylvania didn’t even bother to answer a majority of them.”

Yes, you read it right: Rick Scott delayed the Florida gubernatorial debate over a fan

But other stuff happened to: Scott lied about the minimum wage killing jobs and Charlie Crist criticized Scott’s education cuts.

Democratic Early Vote Outpacing 2010 in Key States: Punching In

Unions and environmental groups push Obama on methane regulations

“Methane is a potent source of emissions, and taking steps to reduce emissions is a substantial opportunity to put American workers squarely at the forefront of developing, manufacturing, and implementing these technologies—providing high-quality jobs and stimulating local economies.”

Democratic early vote outpacing 2010

Numbers out of North Carolina, Iowa, Nebraska, and Florida see surprisingly rosy stats for pro-worker candidates.

 Third graders at Ohio charter schools fail reading test at twice the rate of public school students

“Many times what the real objection from the charter school advocates is many times is that they don’t like the results…Facts are facts.  It’s not some liberal plot or some teachers’ union plot. The facts are what they are.”

Key inequality measure highest since right before Great Depression

Report from Credit Suisse also finds that the world’s richest 1 percent own 48 percent of all the world’s wealth.


In Ferguson and California, Labor Is Vocal on Mass Incarceration: Punching In

AFL-CIO gets vocal on mass incarceration

Trumka: “It’s a labor issue because mass incarceration means literally millions of people work jobs in prisons for pennies an hour — a hidden world of coerced labor here in the United States.”

Karen Lewis has a brain tumor, not running for mayor

The Chicago Teachers Union, which remains tight-lipped about Lewis’ medical condition, already handed Lewis’ duties as union president to Vice President Jesse Sharkey which he would retain “until she’s recovered.”

Could Alaska be the showdown where the Koch Brothers meet their match?

“They’re up here on the airwaves 24 hours a day, seven days a week, trying to tie Mark to Obama. They say things 50 times a day on the airwaves that aren’t true. You gotta push back.”

Challenge to Arkansas minimum wage ballot measure fails

Voters in Arkansas will have the chance to vote to raise the state minimum wage to $8.50.

Political Spotlight Turns Unexpectedly on South Dakota: Punching In

Supreme Court strikes down Wisconsin and Texas voter ID laws

There will be appeals, but extremely unlikely that these voter suppression tactics will be enforced this November.

South Dakota three-way Senate race becoming increasingly complicated

The DSCC and MAYDAY PAC make surprise investments as GOP nominee faces serious allegations.

LaGuardia airplane cleaners use strike tactics to win better working conditions

SEIU: “The goal today was to shine a light on the health and safety violations Air Serv workers face in order to protect themselves and keep airplanes safe and clean.”

Thousands descend on Ferguson, MO for “Weekend of Resistance”

Richard Trumka and the labor movement are all in with Ferguson October.

Unlike Walmart, Costco Has No Plans to Cut Employee Health Care Benefits: Punching In

Why Richard Trumka still thinks Mitch McConnell will lose

“He’s running against Barack Obama, but Barack Obama isn’t on the ballot. Alison Lundergan Grimes is, and she is going to beat him in the election.”

Philadelphia students protest SRC elimination of teachers’ contract

“I think that there’s a mindset still that no matter what we do that students are complacent in their relationship with schools – that they’re not working to help solve this problem. I think that us being here proves that we are ready, willing, and able to be involved in this.”

Taxi drivers tie up DC traffic to protest new UberX, Lyft regulations

DC drivers, now affiliated with the Washington DC Taxi Operators Association, say they have to abide by regulations that the app-based services don’t. Here’s a list of the differences.

Unlike Walmart, Costco has no plans to get employee health care benefits

And by the way, sales at key Costco stores are up 6 percent while remaining flat at Walmart and Sam’s Club.

Bill Gates, Walmart, and the Strange Case of Virginia’s Congressional Map: Punching In

Bill Gates and the big-money plot against public education

Politico goes in-depth on the billionaires who spend big to influence education reform.

Court agrees that Virginia’s Congressional map ridiculously favors Republicans

Even though Obama beat Romney there by three points, Republicans control 72 percent of Congressional Districts. Court orders new maps by 2016.

It’s not a skills gap that’s holding wages down

Workers’ ability to handle technological advances doesn’t explain what’s happened to American wages.

Walmart cuts health benefits for most of its part-time workers

30,000 workers at the country’s largest private employer will be affected.

Koch Sisters Speak Out, eBay Stands By ALEC, and FedEx Gets Caught Red-Handed: Punching In

Have you met the Koch Sisters?

Karen and Joyce Koch spoke to ABC News about their transformation into the Koch Brothers’ foil.

eBay under pressure to follow Google out of ALEC

More than 80 groups sign onto letter asking Pierre Omidyar to cut ties with the secretive right-wing organization.

The evolution of New York City’s living wages law

A peek at policy-making in the era of  Mayor de Blasio.

FedEx illegally misclassified workers, court finds

The company has long employed the practice of classifying workers as independent contractors to avoid providing good benefits.

Burger King Tries to Discipline Pro-Union Worker Because of Pickle Placement: Punching In

Six Ohio lawmakers among those defending ALEC

What do they think of the ALEC bill they voted for that ends renewable energy standards?

What it’s like to win a 19-year union organizing campaign in the South

“We have life insurance, we have car insurance, and now we have some job insurance with representation with the union.”

Michigan Burger King caught retaliating against pro-union workers

One worker was disciplined for “not placing pickles in a perfect square.”

Charter school fraud has cost Pennsylvania at least $30 million

Gov. Tom Corbett counts big charter operators among his supporters.