Bill Gates, Walmart, and the Strange Case of Virginia’s Congressional Map: Punching In

Bill Gates and the big-money plot against public education

Politico goes in-depth on the billionaires who spend big to influence education reform.

Court agrees that Virginia’s Congressional map ridiculously favors Republicans

Even though Obama beat Romney there by three points, Republicans control 72 percent of Congressional Districts. Court orders new maps by 2016.

It’s not a skills gap that’s holding wages down

Workers’ ability to handle technological advances doesn’t explain what’s happened to American wages.

Walmart cuts health benefits for most of its part-time workers

30,000 workers at the country’s largest private employer will be affected.

Koch Sisters Speak Out, eBay Stands By ALEC, and FedEx Gets Caught Red-Handed: Punching In

Have you met the Koch Sisters?

Karen and Joyce Koch spoke to ABC News about their transformation into the Koch Brothers’ foil.

eBay under pressure to follow Google out of ALEC

More than 80 groups sign onto letter asking Pierre Omidyar to cut ties with the secretive right-wing organization.

The evolution of New York City’s living wages law

A peek at policy-making in the era of  Mayor de Blasio.

FedEx illegally misclassified workers, court finds

The company has long employed the practice of classifying workers as independent contractors to avoid providing good benefits.

Burger King Tries to Discipline Pro-Union Worker Because of Pickle Placement: Punching In

Six Ohio lawmakers among those defending ALEC

What do they think of the ALEC bill they voted for that ends renewable energy standards?

What it’s like to win a 19-year union organizing campaign in the South

“We have life insurance, we have car insurance, and now we have some job insurance with representation with the union.”

Michigan Burger King caught retaliating against pro-union workers

One worker was disciplined for “not placing pickles in a perfect square.”

Charter school fraud has cost Pennsylvania at least $30 million

Gov. Tom Corbett counts big charter operators among his supporters.

Walmart Continues to Blame Tracy Morgan For Accident They Caused: Punching In

Meet the Philadelphia restaurant that’s paying servers $13 an hour, no tips

“We’ve worked in those positions and relied on those tips,” said co-owner Brian Oliveira. They were inspired by other restaurants going the fair-wage-no-tip route.

Walmart blaming Tracy Morgan for the accident they caused

Walmart says Morgan should’ve been wearing a seatbelt. Morgan says Walmart shouldn’t have let a driver work more than 24 hours without sleeping.

Incorrect voter suppression could shake up race in in Arkansas

Candidate for Attorney General Leslie Rutledge is registered to vote in Virginia and possibly Washington, D.C.

Gov. Walker under fire for sending aides to fundraising event

Another example of Scott Walker blurring the lines between campaign and public office.


Lena Dunham, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Make Workers’ Rights Headlines: Punching In

“Texas is not a red state. Texas is a nonvoting state looking for a reason to vote.”

Egberto Willies gives us another way to think about the “inevitable” blue-ing of Texas.

#MustRead: Why the economy is failing most Americans

Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich is quickly ascending to Bill Clinton-esque heights as the new Great Explainer.

Atlanta Symphony Orchestra musicians locked out in labor dispute

14 of the world’s top composers offer their support.

Lena Dunham criticized for asking performers to work for free

Outcry on Twitter pressures Girls creator to change plans for asking book tour performers to work gratis.

What Chelsea Clinton Has That Many Women Don’t: Punching In

“Wisconsin’s new voter ID law could keep me from voting at age 87″

A handicapped woman’s account of what she’s had to go through to cast a vote in Walker’s Wisconsin.

Secret Goldman Sachs recordings reveal massive influence of banks on regulators

Author Michael Lewis: “The Ray Rice video for the financial sector has arrived.”

The “test reform” movement pushes back on high stakes testing

Efforts around the country emblematic of a cultural pushback against corporate-backed “school reform.”

3 things Chelsea Clinton will have after giving birth that many women don’t

We’ve seen the photos. But what about all those mothers without child care and maternity leave?

There’s More Inequality In America Now Than There Was In Ancient Rome: Punching In

Hyatt pays $1 million in deal to end boycott

98 Boston housekeepers will be paid in settlement to end boycott that cost the chain more than $6 million.

Majority of employers think it’s time to raise the minimum wage

CareerBuilder survey even finds 60 percent of senior level managers think the minimum wage is too low.

Eight major clothing brands pledge to pay more so Cambodian garment workers can get a raise

Zara, H&M among group saying they will pay more for goods.

CHART: It’s a great time to be rich

The top 1% control as much of the economy as they did in 1929.

Bill Clinton Criticizes Charter Schools, Los Angeles Raises Hotel Worker Wages: Punching In

Yahoo, Yelp, and Facebook follow Google in cutting ALEC ties

But they still have a lot to atone for: corporate membership is at least $7,000 to $25,000.

Bill Clinton publicly criticizes charter schools

Also downplays the need to test: ”I think doing one in elementary school, one in the end of middle school and one before the end of high school is quite enough if you do it right.”

Walmart rewarding workers who contribute to their PAC

OUR Walmart and others asking FEC to investigate the practice.

Los Angeles passes living wage for hotel workers

By a 12-3 vote, the Los Angeles City Council mandates a $15.37 minimum wage for hotel workers.

Student Debt Could Reduce Home Sales By 8% This Year, Says WSJ: Punching In

Google formally cuts ties with ALEC

After helping fund voter suppression and ant-immigration laws, apparently it was climate change denial that was the last straw for Google Chairman Eric Schmidt.

Student debt could reduce home sales by 8% this year

Prediction: Mitch McConnell and other senators who filibustered Elizabeth Warren’s student loan refinancing bill will somehow blame this on Obama.

Faculty at University of Minnesota organizing to join union

Group called “University of Minnesota Academics United” helping lead the charge.

Uber drivers take to the street in New York City

As the company lowers prices to undercut cabs, drivers are the ones taking the financial hit.

Silicon Valley’s Invsibile Workforce Gets Some Visibility: Punching In

It’s up to the courts now

Voter ID cases are causing uncertainty for voters in North Carolina, Wisconsin, Arkansas, and elsewhere.

The invisible low wage workforce in Silicon Valley

Janitors, security guards, and other low-wage tech workers stage demonstrations at iPhone 6 launch events.

Wisconsin under Walker is $1.8 billion in the red

Is this what fiscal responsibility looks like, Gov. Walker? 

Biggest climate rally in history

Initial count: 310,000 people marched in New York City on Sunday to call for action on climate change.