Chortle Kombat! Clocking Out

Republicans respect professional refs – but not unions.

Union backing helps teachers help children: a story from California.

5 things you should know about the real parents who “Won’t Back Down.”

#RickScottFail #64: Florida governor can’t find any non-citizens to use as an excuse to purge the voter rolls.

In California, Republicans are citing Citizens United in order to mount a sneaky attack on unions.

“Ryan is straight-up using his reputation as the Republican party’s big budget wonk to get out of giving direct answers to any actual budget wonking questions.”

More on Ryan’s evasiveness: “He’s going to emerge from the race with his legend punctured.”

Related: Romney dishonestly links defense cuts to military suicides.

Must read: These voters are why Romney isn’t winning Ohio.

Thanks to the CFPB, American Express is refunding $85 million to customers it cheated with misleading language and illegal fees.

Finally: The presidential election told through video game fights.

How Paul Ryan Respects His Elders (It Involves Calling Security): Clocking Out

“Voter suppression laws just try to shave off some votes on the margins.” And they might work, if we’re not careful.

Florida Republicans vow new voter purge before Election Day.

The history behind the student loan crisis.

A reality check on D.C. pundits’ fantasy version of Paul Ryan.

The LePage administration moves to cut 36,000 Maine residents out of Medicaid.

How much do corporations save on taxes by writing off CEO pay? Enough to hire more than 200,000 teachers.

The 1% of the 1%: who are the biggest donors?

Say it with us: Obamacare saves Medicare save money. Obamacare extends the life of Medicare. Obamacare doesn’t cut Medicare. (Bears repeating.)

FLASHBACK: How Ryan answered a constituent’s question about his Medicare plan (Spoiler: security drags the man away).

“November is Coming”: Clocking Out

Independent Senator Bernie Sanders breaks down the GOP plan for your retirement.

Orlando activists get an earned sick days initiative on the November ballot.

Emerging proof that suppressing the black vote is a longtime, institutionalized strategy of the Republican party.

Former Florida GOP Chairman on suppressing minority voters: “There’s no doubt. I was in the room. It’s part of the strategy.”

Related: 13 percent of Pennsylvania seniors unlikely to have necessary voter ID under new law.

Also: ALEC is undeniably linked to national voter suppression effort.

Bonus! See what “Game of Thrones” author George R. R. Martin has to say about the national GOP voter suppression campaign.

Credit card debt collection is starting to look as messy as the foreclosure system.

Things have changed since the 90′s…and not just hairstyles.

(And now, more about Paul Ryan.)

“Think 44 million additional Americans without health insurance.” Ryan’s radical changes to Medicaid.

The Koch Brothers, the Club for Growth, and FreedomWorks all think of Paul Ryan as their guy.

Ryan doesn’t think the Federal Reserve should be able to do anything to address unemployment.

And, finally: Stephen Colbert offers his take on Romney-Ryan 2012.

We’re Charging 15 Bucks to Read This Blog Post: Clocking Out

The close ties between Paul Ryan and Koch Brothers-funded political operations.

Related: Rove’s Crossroads GPS and the Kochs’ Americans For Prosperity – who don’t disclose their sources – are outspending all other outside political groups.

Five things to know about Paul Ryan’s vision for America.

Ryan’s plan is a lot of things. But it’s not an “economic plan.”

Even worse than Ryan’s attack on Medicare: his attack on Medicaid.

Remember when Ryan charged $15 to get into one of his constituent “listening sessions?”

Why we shouldn’t blame workers for the unemployment crisis.

Barbara Streisand: Voter suppression rains on my parade (but seriously, she spoke out against voter ID laws).

A victory for temporary workers in Massachusetts.

The worst thing Wells Fargo has ever done. Or at least the top 10.

Finally: A #solidarity soundtrack on Pinterest. (h/t WeParty Patriots)

Viva La Michigan Resistance! Clocking Out

With PA 4 suspended, Michigan cities and towns start to revolt against emergency managers.

Under Pennsylvania voter ID law, a 30-year resident and congressional candidate won’t be able to vote.

Shocking Ohio and Florida education policy you won’t believe.

Related: Some Florida teachers will have to work an extra hour – without getting paid.

Observer of political ads since 1952 on new Romney ad: “I cannot recall a single campaign that lied more blatantly than this one.”

Related: It’s the most explosive ad of the 2012 election – and hasn’t even aired on TV yet.

The New York Times is on a (workers rights) roll! First earned sick days, now domestic worker rights.

Paul Ryan, wrecking ball. The veep hopeful’s plan for your town’s budget.

Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown: Registering poor people helps my opponent.

Related: Must be a B-city thing. Brockton, MA divests $170 million from Bank of America (Buffalo, NY divested from Chase earlier this year)

Song of the Day: In honor of Michigan rebelling against tyrannical EFMs, “One Day More” from Les Miserables.

#OccupythePizza: Clocking Out

Source: via Working America on Pinterest

Cartoon of the Day.

A Democratic aide credits Occupy Wall Street with shifting the debate on Capitol Hill.

“For an older person, you know, I think it will be a lot of trouble.” Longtime senior voters struggle with Pennsylvania voter suppression.

Related: Judge expected to rule on PA voter ID on August 13.

Also: Let’s play voter fraud whack-a-mole!

An undercover from inside ALEC’s annual meeting.

Fox News hires Republican official tasked with winning Virginia for Romney. He’s keeping both jobs.

For-profit colleges in one infographic.

It doesn’t matter who the “Real Romney” is.

Related: Why did Romney aides purchase and wipe hard drives from his term as Massachusetts governor?

Also: Louisiana gives us a taste of what Romney’s education plan would look like.

Hungry for pizza…and justice. AFL-CIO endorses nationwide boycott of Palermo’s products.

Finally: American Presbyterian church approved a resolution supporting workers’ rights.

To Err is Romney: Clocking Out

Meet one of Romney’s top economists, notorious for his misfired predictions.

Related: What Romney’s economic brain trust got wrong in their recent paper.

Also: The economists Romney’s team cites say that the paper gets their work wrong.

Meanwhile: Is Romney the GOP’s “kamikaze candidate?” A view from outside the Beltway.

A possibly-promising increase in the number of severely underwater mortgage-holders who are refinancing.

Want to fight poverty in Philadelphia? Start by pulling up people with low-wage jobs.

Related: The big loophole in PA voter ID? Absentee ballots.

The Ryan budget plan would shift huge costs to state budgets.

Missouri Republican Senate nominee Todd Akin doesn’t think there should be a minimum wage. At all.

The people who commit financial crimes are unusually unrepentant compared to those who commit lesser crimes.

Meanwhile, bank CEO Jamie Dimon says the problem with the economy is that people are too quick to blame banks for the problems with the economy. Wait, what?

Finally: This is still one of our favorite videos of all-time. A must-share for teachers and those who love them.

Whoops, Your ALEC Is Showing: Clocking Out

VIDEO: ALEC’s corruption of our democracy is exposed in Florida.

Romney’s newest aide, brought on to “defend his career in the private sector,” comes to the campaign after a role guiding the bank bailouts and doing public relations for BP after the Gulf spill.

Walmart wants to have the same influence over our democracy that they now have over our labor market.

The embarrassing failure of the Federal Reserve.

House Republicans: either rich people get their low current tax rates extended, or nobody does.

Paul Ryan’s long war on Social Security.

It would be pretty simple to fix the law that’s crippling the postal service–but the House hasn’t even introduced a bill to do so.

Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown advances the silly “sore winners” theory of the economy.

Essential analysis of Romney’s middle-class tax hike.

“You’ll pay higher taxes and get fewer public services, so that Romney and his friends can keep more of their money.”

Raising taxes for the middle class would be the only way to make Romney’s promises add up. Romney didn’t hide the ball well enough.”

The silver lining of horrible governors in Florida, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.

A Florida mayor’s case for an Obama second term.

99 and Counting: Clocking Out

“We should be more concerned with maximizing the franchise, not restricting it.

There’s a reason that Republican leaders in key swing states are pursuing these laws so hard right now.

Media watchdog to reporters: you know what the voter suppression push is about. So why not say it?

Related: Pennsylvania’s new voter-restricting law could have flipped the outcome of the 2008 presidential election in the state.

99 days away–or sooner? Early voting will be key this year.

A new study shows that the for-profit college industry is heavy on taxpayer dollars, light on actual college degrees.

What can we do to help lower mortgage principal for underwater homeowners? A terrific read.

Related: Could the Obama administration enact Sen. Merkley’s refinancing plan without Congress?

Romney’s plan would slow or even reverse economic growth in the near term.

A personal health crisis really illuminates how important the Affordable Care Act is.

How Israel holds health care costs in check.

Capital One pays $12 million in fines after violating the rights of members of the armed forces.

“The first thing needed if we’re to get people out of poverty is more jobs that pay decent wages.”

Fortune 500 CEOs are giving to Romney by a 4-to-1 margin over Obama.

Graphic of the day: “too big to fail,” in charts.

Clocking Out: ReBushification Edition

George W. Bush 2.0:” “When he’s forced to get specific, [Romney’s] solution to the practical problem is the standard Republican agenda.”

“His advisors are nearly identical to the ones who staffed the Bush administration, and helped bring the economy to its knees in 2008.”

Speaking of George W. Bush 2.0, a great profile of the ways Bush’s top political operative Karl Rove is trying to buy elections in 2012.

Yesterday’s vote on taxes in the Senate was both democratic and sensible–and it “exposes the true priorities of the Republicans.”

Some relief may be available for Ohioans who have faced wrongful foreclosure.

93-year-old Vivian Applewhite testifies in Harrisburg about how Pennsylvania’s voter suppression law hurts her.

Payday lenders in Missouri have dumped $1.6 million into buying political influence.

“Lowered wages for factory workers push down wages for almost everybody else…This declining purchasing power explains why the recession happened.”

House Democrats introduce a bill to increase the minimum wage to $9.80.

Study: the Medicaid expansion could save lives.

Walmart accused of firing two employees for speaking out.

Do ALEC-backed policies help boost a state’s economic growth? No.

Related: Walgreen’s and GM drop their ALEC membership.

Banking exec Sanford Weill has a change of heart, reviving the debate over “too big to fail” banks.

Neil Barofsky, former TARP inspector general and author of the new book Bailout, says Americans are right to be angry about financial misconduct and the failure to rein in the banks.

Watch: Ezra Klein interviews Barofsky about Wall Street’s power in Washington.

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